Safety Tips

Your Safety is our Priority

Guests have been visiting Kilcowera station safely for more than 20 years safely.

Your safety is our upmost priority, so please carefully read the following information:

Kilcowera is a wilderness cattle station. At the station we have the Royal flying Doctors emergency box, and drugs can be given on an emergency basis with phone supervision by the doctor. There is also a defibrillator at the Shearers quarters.

If you are unwell, or likely to need medical intervention, you should not visit Kilcowera station. The nearest nurse clinic is at Thargominda 100km away. The nearest pharmacy and doctor is at Cunnamulla.

For medical emergencies, you can contact emergency services directly in Australia by calling 000. Alert everybody by broadcasting on channel 39 as doctors and nurses often visit the station. The Royal flying Dr service does a wonderful job evacuating patients. We are so privileged to live in Australia where we have such a wonderful retrieval service, unrivalled anywhere else in the world. It takes time to call the air ambulance from Charleville, and the ambulance from Thargomindah. So please consider the following advice carefully.

We recommend sun and snake protection with full length pants and shirts, and enclosed shoes. Wear a hat and sunscreen. Never travel or walk alone. A snake can appear anywhere, so watch where you tread and reach with your hands. The nearest snake antivenom is at Thargomindah. Make plenty of noise as this scares most snakes away. However, snakes are territorial and a threatened snake will attack. Take this opportunity to refresh your first-aid knowledge of snake bites. 

The car tracks at Kilcowera station change regularly with the weather. They are single lane. They frequently change from sand to rock. A two-wheel drive vehicle can traverse most tracks in most weather conditions. We will close the tracks to all vehicles during and after rain. We prefer 4 wheel-drive vehicles. You should drive much more slowly than you ordinarily would. We recommend cars travelling in convoy. Be prepared to change a flat tyre.

You should always log your departure with a responsible adult, and nominate a search-and-rescue return time (SARTIME). Carry a Telstra mobile phone, and a radio listening on channel 39. Carry plenty of water. In your preparation, assume you will encounter problems, plan for them, and you will have a safe and enjoyable day.

We do not allow guests to ride motorbikes or four-wheelers on the station as these vehicles throw riders off. We have previously had to evacuate seriously injured people. It is a long, painful and arduous affair for all. Delivering morphine to an injured person can take more than one hour. Bringing a doctor to the scene takes four hours. We recommend riding these vehicles in locations much closer to emergency services.

So take your time, move slowly, think before acting, plan for adversity, and you will have the best possible time.