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everything you need to know before arriving at Kilcowera Station

What is the environment like at Kilcowera Station?

The station consists of Mulga Rangelands within the Bulloo River Catchment. The region's environmental processes are determined by irregular rainfall and other episodic weather events that rarely follow predictable annual cycles. The Mulga region of South West Queensland includes some of the driest parts of inland Australia with an average rainfall of just nine inches. We believe that maintaining the health of the soils, the native vegetation, and the native and domestic wildlife is vital for our country if we are to have a sustainable industry both on a personal and national level. Unlike agricultural regions further east, healthy native vegetation is critical to the pastoral industry in the outback, providing valuable fodder for fattening cattle and sheep.

Some tips you should know


How do you pronounce Kilcowera?

Kil – cow – ra.
Cow as in moo cow, ra rhyming with huh.


How do you Pronounce Thargomindah?

Thar – go – min –dah dead easy!


Do we need a 4-wheel drive to visit Kilcowera?

No, but you do need a vehicle with a bit of clearance to drive some of the station tracks. Low profile tyres are not the go. The unsealed main roads are usually in good order and it's just a matter of taking your time and driving to the conditions.


Can I tow my Caravan to Kilcowera Station?

Absolutely, but please bear in mind that we are only accessible by unsealed roads in both directions. Your van doesn't need to be an off road type ... just drive to the conditions.


Should I book ahead if I just want to camp?

We advise that you book in advance on our easy to use website to avoid disappointment.


Do you have powered sites?

Yes. we now have 3. And we can supply power via extension cords if more are required for you to run appliances if you're camping at our Shearers Quarters campground. No powered sites at the bush camp sites.


Do I need a 4WD to do the self drive tours?

A 4WD vehicle isn't necessary but good ground clearance is required for creek crossings and to get over some rocky sections on our station tracks.


Is there mobile coverage at Kilcowera?

Yes – It's patchy in places but good on our higher country & Telstra is the only carrier that operates in the bush.


Can I buy basic food provisions nearby?

Thargomindah has a good grocery shop which is not open all weekend. Hungerford usually sells very basic supplies ie: potatoes, onions, frozen bread, beer and they make a great steak sandwich too!


Is Kilcowera Station pet friendly?

Yes, we do welcome pets here on the station; however dogs must be under your strict supervision and / or restrained at all times. Not everyone like dogs as much as we do! We do not allow pets into the Shearers Quarters accommodation due to local health regulations.


Are meals available at Kilcowera Station?

Yes we will cater for groups of 10 people or more who book this option well in advance.


Does Kilcowera Station have ensuite accomodation?

No – the Shearers Quarters accommodation has 8 bedrooms, a very large communal area, a kitchen and dining room. The 3 bathrooms are separate and outside, only a tiny walk from your bedroom.


Will we have the Shearers Quarters all to ourselves?

You may have the accommodation all to yourself or you may be sharing it with other like-minded travellers. Unless of course you have a large group and wish to book it out just for your use.


What happens if we get sick or injured?

There is a community clinic in Thargomindah.  Emergency medical services are via the Royal flying Dr service.  


Is Firewood available?

Around the lagoon, we wish to preserve our unique ecosystem.  So please do not pick up any firewood or disturb the vegetation in an area 1 km around the edge of the lagoon.    We prefer you to pick up firewood from the edge of tracks elsewhere on the property.  You are welcome to pick up dead wood, and cut up tree stumps and timbers.    When using chainsaws and other sharp implements, please be mindful of noise pollution for our other guests, and plan your firewood in advance.  Please use safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection.  It is a long and expensive journey for stitches, or to remove a spec from your eye.


Where do we find Fuel?

Although there is no fuel available at the moment also a diesel fuel bowser is coming.  The nearest fuel is north at Thargomindah.  Fuel is available south at Hungerford only with prior arrangement.   We encourage all outback travellers to refuel at every town just in case


What if we Rescue or Retrieval?

This is a wilderness station. Whilst we take every effort to maintain trials, every rainfall re-sculptures the landscape and changes our tracks.   All vehicles breakdown and can become bogged from time to time and need retrieving.  Visitors to our station travel at their own  risk. Should you meet adversity and require our assistance, we are very happy to help you.  The cost for this service is $1000. Please understand that this covers the staff time and productivity, and the cost of the recovery machines.   

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